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Webinar: Ask the Tough Questions to Improve Your Organization’s Brand and Message

Watch “Ask the Tough Questions to Improve Your Organization’s Brand and Message,” led by Kim Fox of Fox Marketing, Inc. This webinar focus’ on improving your organization’s brand and message. Kim has two decades of marketing, advertising, and promotional experience and has helped several companies and nonprofits build brands and effective communication programs. Improving your… Read more »

Webinar: Green Infrastructure and the Element of Water

Watch “Green Infrastructure and the Element of Water” led by Gary Belan with American Rivers. This webinar describes on how green infrastructure including green roofs, restoring wetlands, installing permeable pavement and capturing and reusing water more efficiently not only improves the environment but also provides tangible social and economic benefits to neighborhoods. Participants will learn:… Read more »

Webinar: Community Stewardship through Experiential Education

  Watch our webinar, Community Stewardship through Experiential Education. Learn how communities can implement a community-based approach to watershed conservation using experiential education as a primary tool. During this free 30 minute webinar, River Restoration Adventures for Tomorrow’s Executive Director Dan Omasta will highlight the multi-faceted, community-based approach to watershed conservation they have implemented, including… Read more »

Webinar: How to Activate Your Constituency to Identify Community Led Water Supply Solutions

Watch the November monthly webinar with Jennifer Schoonen of the Blackfoot Challenge describes how she has worked with local stakeholders to identify community-led water supply solutions in Western Montana. Stakeholders in Western Montana’s Blackfoot Watershed have developed voluntary conservation solutions in a time of increasing natural resource challenges – particularly drought. The Blackfoot Drought Response… Read more »