A Blue Trail is a river adopted by communities that are dedicated to improving family friendly recreation such as fishing, boating, hiking, and wildlife watching, and conserving rivers and lands.

Blue Trails can help local communities connect with their river, increase recreation, and help their local economy. Hitchcock Creek's Blue Trail is a great example of how towns from small to large can benefit from reconnecting with their river.

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  • Gator Bait Adventures- Chris Ochsenbein

    Celebrating the Past and Looking to the Future: Waccamaw River Blue Trail

    The Waccamaw River and the Waccamaw River Blue Trail experienced a banner year in 2014! Not only did supporters and partners on the Waccamaw River work to promote recreation and access along the river but they also worked to protect these critical lands and water for generations to come!

  • Congaree River Kayak | Brett Flashnick

    Social Media Blog – Watch it here!

    Did you miss our social media webinar featuring American Rivers’ social media experts? View it today to learn how social media can fit into your communications plan to help you achieve your conservation goals.

  • Picture1

    Two New National Water Trails

    Last week Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell designated the Bayou Teche Paddle Trail and the Huron River Water Trail as the 17th and 18th trails of the National Water Trails System! Congratulations to the partners and supporters that have worked so hard to develop, promote and sustain such amazing water trails!

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  • Holly Loff

    “Rivers have always been at the heart of our family time. And we experience great things there together. We’ve watched goslings attempt their first swim, collected snail shells, caught laughably small fish and admirably large fish together, and so much more. Blue Trails help families like mine more easily enjoy their rivers. Whether through tubing,… Read more »