Community Benefits

Blue Trails help people discover their rivers and improve quality of life for communities. Blue Trails connect rural and urban communities to parks, forests, and refuges. Support for the special places increases as people spend time exploring them, creating a legacy that honors the past, enriches the present, and provides a precious gift to future generations.

Blue Trails have the power to connect us to our heritage by preserving historic places and providing access to them. Through these cultural, historic and natural places, Blue Trails enhance a sense of community identity and pride.

Blue Trails Improve Quality of Life

  • Holly Loff

    Blue Trails Connect Families

    “The Eagle River Blue Trail will help families like mine more easily enjoy the river. Whether through tubing, casting a line, or just sitting in a lawn chair and watching the birds, a day on the river is good for everyone.”

  • Hitchcock Creek BT dedication - May 2014 | Gerrit Jobsis

    Blue Trails Revitalize Communities

    Through the Hitchcock Creek Blue Trail, we have renewed a natural resource that will provide paddling, fishing and economic growth through tourism and recreation today and for future generations…