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About Eagle River

Know Before You Go – Educated Recreaters are Safer and Have More Fun!

The Eagle and upper Colorado rivers are at the heart of a nationally recognized recreational area in Eagle County, Colorado. The Eagle Valley is home to the Vail Resort ski area, and the upper Colorado River above Eagle County is one of the most popular whitewater and fishing rivers in the country. Recreation pressure, particularly in the summer months along the Eagle and upper Colorado Rivers are beginning to impact the health of the riparian ecosystems and the surrounding lands. Working with local partners, The Eagle Blue Trail minimizes negative impacts of recreation overuse through the further development of established access points while consciously preserving critical lands and water resources along the river corridor. This project coordinates and enhances efforts to protect riverside lands and to connect communities to them.

As river access and recreation expands the strong local partnership with the Eagle Valley will allow for the Eagle and upper Colorado Rivers to further solidify themselves as a key component in Eagle County – not only for their traditional values in ranching and farming, but also for the amazing recreational and social benefits they provide for the local communities. By expanding the number of people who enjoy these rivers and become aware of their value and the impending threats, we will be better able to influence the progress and outcomes of these projects in the near and long term.

Safety, etiquette and responsibility are critical when recreating on the Eagle Blue Trail. Whether you are fishing or viewing wildlife along the banks, floating along the river, or enjoying a bike ride or a picnic, it is vital to understand where you are – what lies ahead in and alongside the river. Make sure you know river safety techniques and tips, and are prepared with the necessary equipment to be safe and secure along the river. Do you have additional questions? Check out additional information about river safety from our partners!

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Hiking, Biking, Camping, Picnicking and Wildlife Watching

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There are a number of amazing day and multi-day trips along the Eagle Blue Trail. There is a fit for every level of paddler as well as great access for fishing, hiking and biking along these terrific reaches of river. Whether you live in Eagle County or are just visiting and taking in the beauty, make sure you prioritize an afternoon with the river!

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