Steps to Build a Blue Trail: Plan

Planning Process

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    Identify a River

    So, your community in interested in improving river-based recreational opportunities and conserving the river and riverside lands but is your river a candidate for a Blue Trail?
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    Identify Potential Partners

    Successful Blue Trails are the product of partnerships among a wide array of stakeholders. Each partner will have different resources to contribute. Together, these allies can create and maintain a successful Blue Trail.

    Create a Vision

    If your river is a good candidate for a Blue Trail, the next step is to create a vision statement. The process of creating a vision is an important opportunity for people to work together to discuss what they want to accomplish. A vision statement helps define how to proceed and aids in recruiting and keeping volunteers motivated.
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    Solicit Input

    The success of your Blue Trail largely depends on community support and involvement. You need engaged partners, stakeholders, and the community at large. To ensure that all parties are in agreement about the project there must be early and extensive outreach. The community should be involved in every stage of development from initial planning to design, building, managing, and promotion.
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    Analyze Input and Information

    Now that you have engaged your community and collected a considerable amount of input and information, it’s time to organize and analyze your findings to determine the viability of your proposed Blue Trail.
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    Plan for Conservation

    Blue Trails also have the ability to protect and restore the natural environment. By planning for these improvements, your community will reap the benefits of greater recreational opportunities and healthier rivers now and for years to come.
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    Raise Money

    There are a number of investments that must be made to create and maintain your Blue Trail. This section provides basic information on finding funding for your Blue Trail.
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