Benefits of Blue Trails

Blue Trails provide communities with a host of benefits:

Protect nature.

Blue Trails inspire people to protect nature and wildlife, control pollution, and ensure clean drinking water for communities.

Promote healthy living.

Blue Trails promote healthy living by proving inexpensive avenues for exercise for people living in rural, urban, and suburban areas.

Improve quality of life.

Blue Trails connect rural and urban communities to parks, forests, and refuges. Support for these special places increases as people spend time exploring them, creating a legacy that honors the past, enriches the present, and provides a precious gift to future generations.

Enhance local economies.

Blue Trails are economic drivers that benefit businesses and quality of life. According to the Outdoor Industry Association, 113 million Americans enjoy fishing, paddling and trail activities each year. These activities alone generate 1.6 million jobs and more than $20 billion in revenue.


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