• Congaree National Park
  • Joe Kegley
  • Ron Ahle
  • Congaree River | Rebecca Haynes
    Rebecca Haynes
  • Congaree River sandbar | Steven McNamara
    Steven McNamara
  • River Sweep 2006, Congaree River | Ron Ahle
    Ron Ahle
  • Congaree Kayak | Brett Flashnick
  • Congaree River | Brett Flashnick
    Brett Flashnick
  • Congaree River Kayak | Brett Flashnick
    Brett Flashnick
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About Congaree River

The 50-mile Congaree River Blue Trail connects the City of Columbia, the Three Rivers Greenway, and rural communities to Congaree National Park, the largest wilderness in South Carolina. As families experience the area’s rich natural resources and wildlife through canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and riverside hiking, support has increased from conservation easements along the river and a park boundary expansion to protect the area’s extensive natural, cultural, and recreational resources.
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How Blue Trails Boost Local Economies by Guy Jones

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