Steps to Build a Blue Trail: Build a Trail

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Build Process

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    Provide Access

    During the planning process, you’ll receive many suggestions for potential launch sites from individuals, organizations, government agencies, and businesses. Lay out the route on paper, consider these suggestions, and make initial selections based on the location of roads, accessibility of the terrain, and spacing along the route.
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    Work with Landowners

    It's not unusual for landowners to have initial concerns about a Blue Trail. Therefore, it’s important to involve landowners during the early stages of planning.
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    Explore Land Protection Opportunities

    Many landowners are motivated to conserve their land because they think conservation is good in its own right, the general public would obtain or retain access to or protection of these special resources, and because there are financial incentives.
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    Develop Launches

    Providing visitors a safe and easy way to access your community’s Blue Trail is of the utmost importance. When developing access, involve experts who can provide information on legal matters, hydrology, riparian ecology, and other factors.
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    Manage Trash and Waste

    Regular maintenance of a campsite is a necessity. If campers arrive at a clean site, they will be more likely to leave it in the same condition. Encourage campers to pick up after earlier users if the campsite was left in less than perfect condition.
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    Build for Conservation

    To have a successful blue trail you need to have a river. That is why, during your planning of your Blue Trail, you identified short and long term goals for protecting and/or making your river and community healthier. It is important to work with your community early in the process to identify priority conservation goals. By doing so, there will be a greater sense of shared ownership and commitment to achieving these goals.