Steps to Build a Blue Trail: Build

Develop Launches

Tapco RAP construction, 7/17/13Providing visitors a safe and easy way to access your community’s Blue Trail is of the utmost importance. When developing access, involve experts who can provide information on legal matters, hydrology, riparian ecology, and other factors. Below are resources that will help you get started.

Preparing to Launch, produced by the National Park Service and River Management Society, is a resource designed to help facility and trail planners and park and recreation project leaders plan and build or update an access site tailored to the needs of canoeists, kayakers, tubers, stand-up paddlers, or small craft sailors. It guides a reader through the development process from conception to design creation, and provides a variety of launch construction options.

Small Footprint Water Accesses, developed by the Iowa Water Trails Program, provides information on how to create sustainable launches on small to mid-sized rivers.

Designing Accessible Communities is a non-profit organization providing information about accessibility to people with disabilities and to professionals in the fields of design, construction, code development and enforcement. They specialize in developing universally accessible canoe and kayak launches.