Steps to Build a Blue Trail: Build

Explore Land Protection Opportunities

Verde-River-Blue-Trail,-AZ---Credit-Doug-Von-Gausig-3Many landowners are motivated to conserve their land because they think conservation is good in its own right, the general public would obtain or retain access to or protection of these special resources, and because there are financial incentives.

While many landowners have a sense for the value of their lands and natural resources, they often do not know what incentives are available and how to take advantage of them. These incentives can help sway them from development and towards conservation. The appeal can be made to their hearts and heads. Contact a land trust in your community to learn more about the organization and host of services they provide.

Federal funding for easements and acquisitions 

There are a number of federal funding programs that can be applied to easements and acquisitions for Blue Trails. Click here for an inventory of state and federal technical assistance programs  that support land protection efforts.

State and local government funding for easements and acquisitions

Many state and local governments have similar land protection programs. For more information on your local and state government land protection programs visit the Trust for Public Land’s Center for Conservation Finance.