Childs River Access Point


Childs River Access Point (RAP) marks the end of the Verde River Scenic designation, and the start of the Verde River Wild designation. Downstream of Childs RAP, the Verde River becomes quite hazardous. It has been many years since a scouring flood went through, and the vegetative overgrowth is significant, with lots of strainers, sweepers and choked channels. Only highly experienced boaters should attempt the stretch below Childs RAP.

Access to Childs RAP from Camp Verde is to follow General Crook Highway east for approximately 7 miles.  Turn right at Forest Service Road 708 and follow for about 14 miles.  Turn off onto Childs Road/Forest Service Road 502.   It is a rough road, and 4WD high clearance vehicle is recommended.  Childs RAP  includes a campsite and restrooms.  It is also a hiking access for Childs Hot Springs.


River Mile: 103.4
Type: Access Point
Amenities: Camping, Restrooms


Unimproved access; vehicle access on East Childs Road. Start of the Wild Section of the Wild and Scenic Stretch on the Verde River.
Childs River Access Point 34.34777778 -111.6977778