S.S. Columbia Shipwreck


The S.S. Columbia was built in 1905 at a boatyard near the Senate Street side of the Congaree River. This paddle wheel steamer (also known as the City of Columbia) travelled between the Midlands and Georgetown, primarily transporting cotton and lumber. The trip took about 22 hours. In the early 1900s, shipping by railway was expensive. The paddle wheeler provided a cheaper way to ship goods to the coast. The S. S. Columbia stopped operations around 1916, when floods caused problems for river transportation. The boat was moored just below this location, until it collapsed from neglect near the West Columbia riverbank. Remnants of its hull can be seen when the river is low.


Type: Historical Landmark
Amenities: Accessible, Biking, Dogs Allowed, Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking, Parking, Picnic Area, Restrooms
Accessible via west side of Three Rivers Greenway
S.S. Columbia Shipwreck 33.992497 -81.050147