Tuzigoot River Access Point


Primarily a take-out, not a put-in, for boating. Part of the Verde River @ Clarkdale project. River access point following signs off Tuzigoot Road in Clarkdale. Site is owned by Arizona State Parks and is part of the Verde River Greenway State Natural Area. The RAP is cooperatively managed by the Town of Clarkdale and Arizona State Parks. Parking and a boat landing is available. Downstream of Tuzigoot RAP, boating is difficult with many obstructions and low flows below Cottonwood Ditch.


River Mile: 48.3
Type: Access Point
Amenities: Biking, Boat Landing, Dogs Allowed, Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking, Parking, Picnic Area, Restrooms


Primarily a take-out, not a put-in for boats. Tuzigoot river access point. Vehicle access at Tuzigoot Road.
Tuzigoot River Access Point 34.76722222 -112.0391667