Webinar: Community Stewardship through Experiential Education


Watch our webinar, Community Stewardship through Experiential Education. Learn how communities can implement a community-based approach to watershed conservation using experiential education as a primary tool. During this free 30 minute webinar, River Restoration Adventures for Tomorrow’s Executive Director Dan Omasta will highlight the multi-faceted, community-based approach to watershed conservation they have implemented, including a series of methods that can be used by communities across the country to bolster projects along local rivers. Much of the dialogue is focused on a series of trips that empowered a wide range of river runners – high schools students to civilians with disabilities – to better appreciate and protect the ecosystem on the Gunnison River near Delta, Colorado.

Participants will learn:
1. How and why it is important to Incorporate service into experiential education
2. The three legs of sustainability (environmental, economic, social) as core principles of experiential education & the model RRAFT has developed
3. The successes and challenges of collaboration and stakeholder development as it relates to experiential education and RRAFT’s work in the Gunnison River watershed.