Waccamaw River Blue Trail: Enhancing Ecotourism Along The Grand Strand


It’s a really exciting time for our work along the Waccamaw! In recent months we’ve partnered with a local chamber of commerce to promote ecotourism and build support for conservation along the Waccamaw River Blue Trail, South Carolina’s only National Water Trail. One of the projects we’re working on with the Georgetown County Chamber of Commerce is through an advertisement in Guest Quest that showcases the Blue Trail as one of the area’s premier tourist attractions.

Another way in which we are working to enhance recreation is through a unique partnership with a corporate sponsor that provided funding to install directional signage along the trail as well as interpretive information, picnic tables, and Carolina Fence gardens at three key landings. In addition, we were able to make improvements to canoe and kayak launches within the City of Conway and at the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge’s Cox Ferry Recreation Area.

All of these efforts are aimed at building support for increased river recreation in the region and promoting enhanced conservation along the Waccamaw. Our goal is to help build a larger and more diverse constituency that recognizes the economic, recreation, and conservation value a healthy Waccamaw River provides the community.

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