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Campout for the Cause, Colorado River, CO - Jessica Foulis

Campout for the Cause Brings Rain and Funds to the Eagle Blue Trail

Folks in Colorado have been celebrating an especially rainy spring. Over Memorial Day, the Eagle Blue Trail was fortunate to be one of the beneficiaries of Campout for the Cause with Bonfire Entertainment. Participants enjoyed concerts, yoga, floating down the Colorado River, fishing and lots of rain. Read more…


The Science Behind the Fly

My brother Drew is learning to fly fish as part of his recovery from a back injury he sustained skiing this winter. A titanium rod in his back prohibits him from many of the activities he enjoyed before his accident, but a fly rod is something he can handle. Plus, it is a great way to enjoy your local river and get some exercise outside. Read more…


Colorado River Initiative: Purposeful Protection of River Corridors

River fun in Eagle County has historically been concentrated along the upper reaches of the Colorado River, leaving about 40 miles of river lonely and underutilized. However, in 2011, Eagle County Open Space (ECOS) and several partners began a concerted effort to protect the river corridor and improve access along some of the quieter and less visited stretches of the Colorado River through the Colorado River Initiative.
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Spencer's Cabin

The Colorado River Initiative: Spencer’s Cabin

A float trip on the Upper Colorado is an amazing experience – whether you are an angler plying for hungry trout or a rafter out on a summer day with a group of friends, the stretch from State Bridge to Dotsero in central Colorado is an adventure you will never forget. But due to the patchwork of private and public lands, camp options can often be tricky to figure out, and if the river is busy, a challenge to have enough spots for everyone.
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