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The Rivers That Run Through Us



Today’s blog is from Dan Omasta, Executive Director of River Restoration Adventures for Tomorrow (RRAFT). Based in Gunnison, Colorado, Dan and his team protect the long-term health of watersheds through community engagement and riparian restoration. RRAFT is a Connecting Communities to Rivers Grantee.


Do you remember that moment when you first stood along the bank of a river – staring into the endless rhythm of riffles and transposed yourself into that world of water?  What must it be like to be an elk meandering down for a cool drink, that fish feeding upstream, or the willow bending in the current? Rivers breathe life into all they touch and support the awe-inspiring majesty we find in our outdoor world. Read more…

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Take Me (and the kids) To The River

Today’s post is a guest blog co-authored by Dan Omasta, Director of River Restoration Adventures for Tomorrow, and Neal Schwieterman, who resides in Paonia, CO with his wife and daughter.  He is a retired police officer and recently retired as Mayor of Paonia. He continues to inspire youth through kayaking and is looking to start his 3rd career. River Restoration Adventures for Tomorrow is a grant recipient of the Connecting Communities to Rivers Grant Program. 

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Upper Colorado River | Brett Hockmuth

Connecting Communities to Rivers – Grantees Announced!

Living in Colorado, I am fortunate to experience firsthand the amazing and diverse areas that make up the Intermountain West. Geographically, the region is incredible: high mountain ranges, red rock deserts, and wide open plains all connect with the headwaters of some of the largest and most hardworking rivers in the country. One of the most compelling aspects of this landscape is the connection people and communities have with the land, open spaces, and river sanctuaries surrounding their communities. Read more…

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Connecting Communities to Rivers Grant Program

Today American Rivers announced the creation of a new grant program to benefit rivers and the communities served by them throughout the Intermountain West. The Connecting Communities to Rivers grant program will provide financial support for projects that connect communities in the Intermountain West to their rivers by improving family-friendly recreational opportunities and protecting and restoring rivers and surrounding lands. Read more…

Campout for the Cause, Colorado River, CO - Jessica Foulis

Campout for the Cause Brings Rain and Funds to the Eagle Blue Trail

Folks in Colorado have been celebrating an especially rainy spring. Over Memorial Day, the Eagle Blue Trail was fortunate to be one of the beneficiaries of Campout for the Cause with Bonfire Entertainment. Participants enjoyed concerts, yoga, floating down the Colorado River, fishing and lots of rain. Read more…