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Eagle River | Brett Hockmuth

Colorado’s River Economy

Rivers are key economic drivers here in the United States. Not only do we rely on them for shipping channels, power and agricultural irrigation, but we also rely on them significantly for recreation and the associated economic benefits that communities receive. Read more…


Staying Safe on the River

When planning your next paddle or river excursion, one of the most important things to consider is the safety of you and your fellow companions. From Life Jackets, to trip planning, our friends at the American Canoe Association are leaders in boating safety. Read more…

NFCT - Jamie Mierau

Enjoying the Eagle

Last week I had the opportunity to spend two glorious days in Eagle County, Colorado exploring the Upper Colorado and one of its tributaries in Central Colorado, the Eagle River. Joined by a few of my colleagues, we partook in one of my favorite summer activities: floating a river. These two rivers are a destination for families and adventurers wanting to fish, float and enjoy the beautiful river and canyon. Read more…

Fay on the Eagle River, CO

Staying Fit in the Great Outdoors

Innovative solutions like Blue Trails can help communities stay healthy and address nature-deficit disorder.

I love summer – endless sunshine and spending most, if not all, of my free time outside. There are new places to discover – backyards, parks, and rivers to name a few – that become my favorite summer spots. Exploring the great outdoors isn’t only fun but it helps me stay fit and healthy.
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