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Part 3: The Verde: A River Transformed

Clarkdale, Arizona, and many other local partners are working with American Rivers to improve recreation and preserve the Verde River through the creation of a Blue Trail. As part of this project, Clarkdale is creating the first river park along the Verde called, “Verde River @ Clarkdale.” This park will provide access to the river, kayaking facilities, educational opportunities and economic development plans based on a flowing, vital river. Read more…


Horn Ranch Offers Recreational Opportunities On Eagle River

Eagle County in Colorado has moved one step closer to adding well over a mile on the Eagle River to open space and public access. Last week the County signed a contract for purchase with the owners of the old Horn Ranch in the heart of Red Canyon. The Horn Ranch, one of the most scenic reaches along the Eagle River and I-70, lies in the middle of the Eagle Valley, between Vail and the towns of Eagle and Gypsum. Read more…


Waccamaw River Blue Trail: Enhancing Ecotourism Along The Grand Strand

It’s a really exciting time for our work along the Waccamaw! In recent months we’ve partnered with a local chamber of commerce to promote ecotourism and build support for conservation along the Waccamaw River Blue Trail, South Carolina’s only National Water Trail. One of the projects we’re working on with the Georgetown County Chamber of Commerce is through an advertisement in Guest Quest that showcases the Blue Trail as one of the area’s premier tourist attractions. Read more…

Paddling Ashley River - Dorchester State Park, NC | Ashley Chapman

A Southeastern Gem: The Ashley River Blue Trail

This is a guest blog from Howard Bridgman. American Rivers and a diverse group of local partners are developing a Blue Trail for the Ashley River in South Carolina. Howard Bridgman, former Summerville Town Council member and founding member of the Ashley Scenic River Advisory Council, writes about our work to connect local communities to the river through recreation and finding ways to ensure its long-term health.

South Carolina’s Ashley River is a historic and recreational treasure. It flows through Summerville and Charleston, one of the fastest growing areas of the Southeast, then into the Charleston Harbor and out to the Atlantic Ocean. Read more…