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Paddling on the Waccamaw River Blue Trail | Charles Slate

Waccamaw River Blue Trail Update – Enhancing Ecotourism Along the Grand Strand

It’s a really exciting time for the Waccamaw River Blue Trail! We have a strong partnership with a local chamber of commerce that has worked over the last several years to promote ecotourism and build support for conservation along the Waccamaw River Blue Trail, South Carolina’s only National Water Trail. To help further improve ecotourism to the Waccamaw River and Georgetown County, we have worked with our partners to connect tourists, the community and area businesses together and demonstrate the importance of the Waccamaw River to the local way of life and economy.

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Upper Colorado River | Brett Hockmuth

Connecting Communities to Rivers – Grantees Announced!

Living in Colorado, I am fortunate to experience firsthand the amazing and diverse areas that make up the Intermountain West. Geographically, the region is incredible: high mountain ranges, red rock deserts, and wide open plains all connect with the headwaters of some of the largest and most hardworking rivers in the country. One of the most compelling aspects of this landscape is the connection people and communities have with the land, open spaces, and river sanctuaries surrounding their communities. Read more…

Funding Opportunity from EPA – Urban Waters Small Grant


Earlier this fall, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began soliciting proposals for projects that will advance EPA’s water quality and environmental justice goals. Proposed and eligible projects will address urban runoff pollution through diverse partnerships that produce multiple community benefits, with emphasis on underserved communities. Applications are due November 20th. Read more…


National Wildlife Refuge Week – Celebrate the Waccamaw!

My heart still skips a beat every time I see a swallow-tailed kite soaring above me. Plentiful osprey make me hold my breath as they dive in to the Waccamaw River for their dinner and nest amidst the tall cypress trees, nothing compares to the tremendous wingspan of the swallow-tailed kite and it’s striking markings and signature forked tail. The Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge and surrounding area supports the highest density of nesting swallow-tailed kites in South Carolina and is the northernmost documented nest site for the species. These incredible birds are only one of the many reasons the Waccamaw NWR has stolen my heart. Read more…


Visit the Waccamaw! New film features the Blue Trail

Slow-moving blackwater. Untouched cypress vistas. Swallowtail kites and ospreys soaring overhead. Our new film features the many treasures of South Carolina’s Waccamaw River Blue Trail.


Come explore the Waccamaw with its extensive unique wetlands and wildlife habitat, rich history, and endless recreation opportunities. American Rivers helped launch the Waccamaw River Blue Trail in 2009 to improve recreation, increase community involvement, support conservation, and help citizens and decision makers embrace the river as a community asset.

Considered one of the finest blackwater rivers in the Southeast, the Waccamaw River is  ideal for canoeing and kayaking and provides a memorable experience for all. Families enjoy paddling and watching otters and other wildlife. Anglers enjoy the year-round fishing. Birders visit to spot the red cockaded woodpecker, along with an abundance of herons and egrets.

Come explore, learn more, and plan your trip to the Waccamaw River Blue Trail!

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